Project Description

Landmark Architects P.C., and Landmark Building Group were selected for the design and construction oversight of a 162 unit, 47 building affordable housing development in Meriden, CT. The overall scope of the project is to turn the Yale Acres housing development into a stand-alone energy district with a potential capability of supporting part of the surrounding neighborhood’s energy needs. During the first of two phases, 12 Dwelling Units within 3 Buildings were selected for a model to implement the geo-thermal, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy systems. The 3 buildings range in thermal envelope designs from original, marginal enhancements, and full energy star certified. This broad range of parameters within the model system will help to provide the housing authority and the design team with the real-world data necessary for an accurate determination of the most effective project approach. All buildings will be 100% energy star certified.

Location: Meriden, CT
Client: Meriden Housing Authority
Contact: Robert Cappelletti
Cost: $48,000,000.00
Status: In Progress