Project Description

This project encompassed renovations and the historic restoration of 300,000 square feet of the original granite-exterior American Thread complex in Willimantic, Connecticut. The building was restored and converted to industrial, research, and office use as part of a joint effort by the State of Connecticut DECD and local initiative. This project, along the Willimantic River, was originally constructed in the 1860s and grew to more than 600,000 square feet with three locations providing hydro power to run early equipment. The original granite structures were preserved and the site around the buildings transformed into the first “State Heritage Park” in Connecticut. This was the first time since the original construction of the mill that the public had access to the riverfront.

Location: Willimantic, CT
Client: State of Connecticut, DECD
Contact: Jeffrey Vose (Former Executive Director | Windham Mills Development)
Cost: $20,000,000.00
Status: Completed in 2001