Project Description

Landmark Architects is providing design and development consulting for this proposed mixed-use office/housing project in Middletown, CT. The 96,000-square-foot project, which will include offices and 80 units of rental apartments, seeks to expand an already growing city. This project will add to a much-needed Class A office space and market rate apartments within the central city, a short walk to Main Street and the Connecticut River. A new city plaza, with a link to Harbor Park, will enhance the city’s core. The garage includes a three-level 750-car parking structure with a new plaza above. The garage replaces a grounded city structure that was demolished in the Spring of 2018. The garage will also support the residential structure above. Much needed parking will be available for city businesses, monthly and daily parking, and the residential units above.

Location: Middletown, CT
Client: DeKoven Place LLC
Contact: Paul S. Pizzo
Cost: $75,000,000.00
Status: In Progress